Added by Shane Munroe

All of our proxies support Chrome and will work.  There may be some extra setup required however.  Chrome by default uses the operating systems proxy settings and due to the different operating systems may not work.  For a consistent experience we recommend using Foxyproxy :


Setup for Chrome (with FoxyProxy)

Once installed click on the "Modules" icon in the top right and then click the "Pin" icon for "FoxyProxy".  If it is already pinned then click on the FoxyProxy icon.  In the popup click on "Options" at the bottom.  The options should look like the below



On the right click on "Add New Proxy"

On this new page make sure "Manual Proxy Configuration" is selected.  In the "Host or IP Address" enter the server hostname.  This will be similar to: .  For the port enter the port as shown on the site.

Now make sure "SOCKS proxy?" is checked and that "SOCKS v5" is also selected.

If you have setup Username and Password authentication click on "Save Login Credentials" and enter your username and password in those fields.  Then finally click on "Save" at the bottom.

The example below uses as the hostname/IP address and 5103 as the port with a username/password setup.





Now click on the FoxyProxy icon in the top right of the browser and click on the proxy you just setup.  This will enable that proxy for all Chrome connections now.