Can I change or rotate my IPv6 IP?

Added by Shane Munroe

Yes!  Changing your IPv6 IP is free and you can do this an unlimited amount of times.  We offer 4 different ways to change your IPv6 IP:

1. On the dashboard: You can go to the proxy page itself and click "Rotate"

2. On the dashboard: You can go to the proxy list page, select all of the IPv6 proxies you wish to rotate and click the top button named "Regenerate selected IPv6"

3. On the dashboard automatically: You can go to the page itself and toggle "Auto-rotation".  Then you can put in how often to automatically change the IP.

4. Via the API: We offer an API where you can change the IP whenever you send the API request to do so.


Some things to note:

When rotating the IP address please keep in mind the connections are immediately terminated. 

We also do not offer rotation below 1 minute via our auto-rotation.  If you wish to rotate more often than 1 minute you must use the API and do a request.

Abusing the rotation API may get your access limited or disabled.  Attempting to rotate several times per second on the same proxy is one example.  You can rotate all of your proxies every second but doing it for the same proxy in less than 1 second is not acceptable.

We do not offer rotating after every request, nor can we.  As nearly all requests are HTTPS cannot tell when your request is finished.

Rotating is free and costs nothing.  All IPv6 proxies can be rotated.  IPv4 cannot be.